6.06 Precision Barrel


Carburized SSteel


Surface hardness:                 

1250 HV


Inner surface deviation:       

0.00015 mm


Straightness error:               

< 0.1 %



AEG & VSR-10 


Hopup window length:         

7 mm

Surface hardness



Thanks to a patented hardening process in Germany, these cold forged barrels achieve a hardness of 1250 HV. 

This is up to 5 times harder than common stainless steel barrels and therefore increases the wear resistance drastic.


You do not have to worry about scratches, caused by hard BBs, dirt or cleaning rods anymore.



Pic.1 shows a standard stainless steel barrel after xxx shots.

Pic.2 shows the lifetime barrel after xxx shots with same settings.
(500 fps, same Hop pressure and same BBs)



The hybrid cut allows it to use the lifetime barrel in almost every system. It provides full compatibility to AEG and VSR-10 standard Hop chambers and buckings.

Bore finish


When it comes to the surface of the inside, it is difficult to find a process which is able to achieve the results you want to have for a barrel. Linear or circular polishing (which is the common process) creates microscopic grooves on the surface. That is why we use the extrude honing process.

It improves the roundness and the consistency of the bore diameter without causing micro-scratches.


After this high quality process, every barrel goes through a second electro-chemical polishing process to perfect the result.


Hop-Up window


The 7 mm long, precision cut Hopup window, has been designed to provide more contact area. 


We highly recommend to use the Airsoftphilosopher Concave Bucking.


If you want to use a selfmade R-Hop, we offer Flat Buckings for AEG and VSR Platforms as well.

Inner diameter


Wide bore or tight bore?

At one end is excess, at the other deficiency. Find a moderate position between those two extremes.



Tight bore barrels:

have a negative effect to the consistency of the BB rotation, due to the higher friction between BB and barrel. 

The result is less range.


Wide bore barrels:

have a negative effect to the accuracy, due to the lack of guidance and an unstable airflow caused by the big air cushion between BB and barrel.

The result is less accuracy.


So the Airsoftphilosopher precision barrels have a constant bore diameter of 6.06 mm. This provides the perfect combination of low friction and thin air cushion.

The result is more range and great accuracy.




A constant bore diameter is also much more important than the diameter itself.




Numerous tests and computer-simulations have shown that a minimalistic crown gives the best result in accuracy.


A large crown does not have a positive effect to the accuracy. It even enables more space for imperfection, which causes an unstable airflow/air pressure zone and decreased accuracy.


For this reason we developed a very minimalistic but high effective barrel crown.